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Pride Flag Guide
Gay Man

Colours & Meanings

Gender Non-Conformity (adapted from the Lesbian Flag)

Independence & Community (adapted from the Lesbian Flag)

Relationships Unique to Manhood (adapted from the Lesbian Flag)

Serenity, Peace, Love and Sex (adapted from the Lesbian Flag)

Masculinity (adapted from the Lesbian Flag)



The flag was created by ask-pride-color-schemes Tumblr blog in 2017, and is essentially an adaptation of the lesbian flag, but with the colours adjusted to from pinkish and orangey hues to teal and blueish hues. As such, the meanings behind the coloured stripes can be viewed as being the same.

Like with the lesbian flag, there is a seven-striped version.

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Originally published: 11th June, 2021
Last modified: 29th January, 2022