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Intersex (Phox Design)

Colours & Meanings

The combination of male and female sex characteristics

Male sex characteristics (gradient)

Female sex characteristics (gradient)



The intersex flag was created by Natalie Phox in 2010, and was unveiled as a bigender flag – although it was supposed to represent the intersex community: Phox had mistakenly believed that bigender and intersex were synonymous, partly due to the prevalent societal attitudes at the time which did not differentiate between sex and gender.

It features five stripes, with the larger, middle stripe being a ‘gradient’ between blue and pink to represent the ambiguity of sex characteristics, with the lavender stripe representing the combination thereof.

It predates the much more popular and well-known intersex flag, and for a while was the standard in Pride Flag Guides until the newer flag was unveiled and caught on.

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Originally published: 21st June, 2021
Last modified: 29th January, 2022