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This lesbian flag gained popularity, and is itself adapted from an earlier lipstick lesbian flag design, without the ‘lips’ in the corner. The shades of pink represent femininity.

However, when the lipstick lesbian flag designer’s blog was unearthed, some Queer advocates and lesbians themselves started to take issue with some of the contents of the blog, with some highlighting comments made by the designer that they described as being transphobic, biphobic, racist and even anti-butch.

The flag’s designer would later go on to deny being racist (citing that she was mixed-race herself), that she wasn’t biphobic because she “had dated more bisexuals than lesbians… but bisexuals tend to flip-flop too much” and said she worked with homeless people, many of whom are transgender.

It also appeared that the lipstick lesbian flag itself was plagiarised from a “Cougar Pride Flag”, a flag a Drag Queen designed as a tongue-in-cheek way to highlight the ageism and sexism in societal attitudes towards women’s sexuality.

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Originally published: 11th June, 2021
Last modified: 29th January, 2022