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Colours & Meanings

Life (from the Rainbow Flag)

Healing (from the Rainbow Flag)

Sunlight (from the Rainbow Flag)

Nature (from the Rainbow Flag)

Serenity (from the Rainbow Flag)

Spirit (from the Rainbow Flag)

Symbolises ‘black’ people and their inclusion (from the Philadelphia Rainbow Flag); those living with HIV, and those that have been lost to AIDS.

Symbolises ‘brown’ people and their inclusion (from the Philadelphia Rainbow Flag)

Traditional colour for baby boys (from the Transgender Pride Flag)

Traditional colour for baby girls (from the Transgender Pride Flag)

Transitioning, neutral or no gender (from the Transgender Pride Flag)



In 2018, designer Daniel Quasar further updated the Rainbow Flag to be even more inclusive, by including a chevron featuring the transgender flag colours, as well as black and brown to incorporate the stripes added by the More Colour, More Pride campaign.

The flag was reported on many LGBT+ websites and other news outlets, and was met with favourable reviews. Daniel’s ambition was to make a distinct flag to “shift focus and emphasis to what is important in our current community climate”, with the chevron pointing right-ways signifying ‘progress’.

Qasar mounted a crowdfunding campaign to make stickers and merchandise featuring the flag, and the crowdfunding far exceeded the goal.

However, the Progress Flag has also generated controversy, as the black chevron within simultaneously stands for Queer people of colour, but also for those who are living with HIV and those that have been lost to AIDS (as represented in the “Victory Over AIDS” flag originating in the 1980s). As such, the organisation First People’s Rainbow Mob WA have called for the flag not been flown or used in Australia, as it further perpetuates the association between people of colour and HIV/AIDS.

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Originally published: 11th June, 2021
Last modified: 14th February, 2022